Events around Osatsu, Toba City

January 5th Osatsu Shishimai ritual

The Osatsu Lion Dance is a traditional event in Osatsu that has continued for 380 years.Every year on January 5th, we dance in front of our hotel and enjoy sacred sake.
After this, Shishi will eat Osatsu's local cuisine "Osatsu Namasu".

May 17th Ishigami-san (Shinmei Shrine) Spring Festival

Ishigami-san (Shinmei Shrine) is a place where the local Ama divers have a strong faith and are said to be able to make one woman's wish come true. A spring festival is held on May 7th, a day of rest for the ama divers called Isohimachi, to pray for the ama's big catch and the fulfillment of their wishes. On that day, men entertain women with Otokoshi cuisine. It is held on May 7th every year.

July 14th Whale Festival

Date: July 14th
Location: Toba, around Osatsu fishing port

This festival was held on the occasion of a whale wandering into Osatsu for the first time in 26 years. A 10m long whale mikoshi is returned to the sea to pray for safety at sea. It is a lively festival that begins with the drum and flute corps of elementary school students, then junior high school students, the women's group, and the whale mikoshi. Fireworks are also set off in the evening.

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