*Prices shown include consumption tax.
*Some dishes may not be available due to the day's supply, so we recommend that you request them in advance.
*Last order for special order dishes is 19:00.

Seafood Dishes

Ise lobster sashimi4,400 yen and up
Grilled Ise lobster with salt4,400 yen and up
Ise lobster gusoku-ni (boiled in its shell) (half a lobster)2,200 yen
Grilled Ise lobster with mayonnaise (half a lobster)2,200 yen
Abalone sashimi3,300 yen and up
Grilled abalone3,300 yen and up
Grilled sea urchin1,320 yen
Grilled turban shells (2 pieces)1,100 yen
Grilled scallop with butter (1 piece)770 yen
Reservation requiredOmakase (chef's selection) boat wrap sashimi16,500 yen and up
Omakase (chef's selection) sashimi platter (per person) 4,400 yen and up
Reservation requiredIse Tuna sashimi11,000 yen and up
Tuna sashimi2,200 yen
Reservation requiredFlounder sashimi7,700 yen and up
Squid sashimi2,200 yen
Reservation requiredGrilled sea bream with salt6,600 yen
Grilled greater amberjack's kama (fish collar) 1,100 yen
Fried shrimps (3 shrimps)1,210 yen
Reservation requiredGrilled premium oysters (2 pieces)1,100 yen
Reservation requiredIwagaki (Japanese oysters) *Summer only, on request1,320 yen and up
Fried oysters (5 pieces)1,650 yen and up 

Meat Dishes

Reservation requiredKuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef) sukiyaki (100g)5,500 yen
Reservation requiredKuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef) shabu-shabu (100g)5,500 yen
Reservation requiredMatsusaka pork shabu-shabu (100g)3,300 yen
Matsusaka beef 2 kinds and Tomosankaku (tri-tip) platter (2 slices each)4,400 yen and up
Wagyu beef toban-yaki (roasted on a ceramic plate) (5 slices)2,750 yen
Reservation requiredGrilled Japanese chicken with miso1,320 yen
Japanese fried chicken (5 pieces)1,320 yen

Other Dishes

Okosama-lunch (kid's set meal)3,850 yen
Reservation requiredOkuizome (weaning ceremony) set meal3,300 yen
Reservation requiredOkuizome (weaning ceremony) set meal (with salt-baked sea bream)5,500 yen
Assorted tempura1,210 yen
Fried potatoes880 yen
Sausage550 yen
Udon noodles1,100 yen
Ise udon noodles1,100 yen
Reservation requiredSea bream chazuke (boiled rice with tea poured on)1,100 yen
Chawan-mushi (steamed egg custard)550 yen
Vegetable salad1,100 yen
Tomato slices440 yen
Lemon slices330 yen
Edamame (boiled green soybeans)660 yen
Okayu (rice porridge)550 yen
Tsukemono (Japanese pickles)550 yen
Umeboshi (pickled dried plum)330 yen
Japanese omelet880 yen
Onsen-tamago (soft boiled egg)220 yen
Raw egg110 yen
Ajitsuke-nori (seasoned laver)55 yen